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About us

Our business involves the design and production of facade profiles and architectural elements for commercial and residential buildings. In addition to our • ProfilGo • QuickShip - line, we are specialized in the design and manufacture of profiles on individual projects, to meet customer needs.

  • • ProfilGo • QuickShip

    • ProfilGo • QuickShip line facade profiles currently includes over 20 products with Singularly prices and high volume storage.

  • Decorations

    We transform ideas, drawings, photos and 3D computer files in scaled up using 3D scanning, modeling 2D / 3D computer models, 3D CNC / Computer Numeric Control / technology and 3D printing. Our equipment, knowledge and rich experience you ensure consistency, quality and guaranteed success. We offer commercial concepts in one place, reducing the need to seek additional value-added services.

  • Interiors

    The illustrations on this site are not intended to replace the need for design by appropriate professionals, such as architects or engineers.

  • 3D printing

    3D printing is a printing technology that will make your 3D designs in real 3D physical objects: - 3D model - 3D prototypes - 3D jewelry - 3D Decorative elements. We will turn your 2D design & 3D design in real 3D object with all its intricate detail.


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